4ocean is an organization that cleans the ocean and coastlines along with working to stop the inflow of plastic. Their mission is to “end the ocean plastic crisis”. You can show your support by attending events, you can also help by buying a bracelet. Each product they sell helps remove one pound of trash from the rivers, oceans, and coastlines. You can also show your support by attending events. 


Blue Zones Project

 “Blue Zones Project is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to change the way people experience the world around them. Because healthier environments naturally nudge people toward healthier choices, Blue Zones Project focuses on influencing the Life Radius® — the area close to home in which people spend 90 percent of their lives. Blue Zones Project best practices use people, places, and policy as levers to transform those surroundings. Our communities have populations with greater well-being, improved health outcomes, reduced costs, and increased civic pride, all of which support healthy economic development.” 


Regrow Australia

Regrow Australia is a business to help raise awareness and contribute to the challenge of reforestation. It was founded in November of 2019 and they believe it is in our hands to make a difference. They sell eco-friendly bracelets and for every one item that is bought a tree is planted. Here is their message about; why trees? "Trees are the lungs of the Earth, the key to a healthy planet, and major providers of resources to people and animals. Trees are also a symbol of health and were our original homes. We love trees so much we hug them! Show your love and plant a tree today wherever you are!” So, get involved and plant a tree!! 


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