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The Blue Zones  


During my senior year (2021-22), I conducted a year-long research project. My topic is a deep dive into the Blue Zones around the world. There are a few areas around the world that classify as a Blue Zone. In these areas, there is a lower rate of chronic diseases and people live longer than anywhere else. I focused on mental health, climate change, and nutrition. I posed questions about how one achieves health and peace in our current world and how these remote areas' lifestyle techniques could be applied to the world as a whole.


Below is a link to the resources I have used throughout this year-long-study. They range from personal interviews, podcasts, Netflix flims, and case studies. 

To the right is a cooking video I produced. In this video, I cooked an authentic meal from Sardinia, Italy, minestrone soup. I choose this recipe because it is one that can be easily made in marginalized communities and I wanted to give good ideas of how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in those areas. I filmed the video with my phone and used Adobe Rush to edit the video. Below is a link to the sources I used to learn how to create a professional video with my phone as well as the tools I needed. 

Research Paper 

I have learned a great deal of information throughout this research process, developed new skills and met many interesting people. The year began with an interest in the five Blue Zones and their benefits; as time went on, I became a person with the knowledge to advocate this lifestyle to people from across the globe and living in any socio-economic situation. There are three parts of the Blue Zones that are slightly different due to the environment but hold the same importance: nutrition, mental health, and physical activity. These are critical points to longevity and why people should live the "Blue Zone Way" in any form. This lifestyle might seem time-consuming, challenging, and show no instant effects, but if you take the time to live a better life, the healthy choices will become the easy ones. It starts by surrounding yourself with people that have similar values to help encourage and reinforce these life-changing principles. 

Blue Zone Blueprint Booklet

I have created an online booklet that includes a plan to make Watkinson a Blue Zone school. First, it gives an overview of what a Blue Zone is and the impact it can have on a community like Watkinson. Then, I discuss a plan of action through leadership roles, nutrition, activities, and class credits. Of course, this plan can be altered as the community adapts it, but this "Blue Zone Blueprint" sets a path toward the success of creating sustainable healthy habits. If you would like to view the sources I used, they are linked above.

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