My name is Tessa Brown, I am 18 years old and attend Watkinson School. I am an elite equestrian and enjoy leisure travel as well as service trips as a way to explore and immerse myself in different cultures. 


I am a part of the Global Studies Program at Watkinson School in Hartford, CT. This program helps to develop the skills to become a knowledgeable and effective world citizen on both a local and global scale. In addition, we foster respect for diverse people and cultures. 

My Involvement

JustWorld International

I am a JustWorld Junior Ambassador. JustWorld is a non-profit organization helping impoverished children gain an education and develop and bright future. 


I had an internship at the PonyApp. This is an app that provides important information on horse care and wellness. In addition it creates an inclusive equestrian community environment


Equus Foundation 

I am an Equus Foundation Junior Ambassador. This is a national animal welfare organization in the US that is 100% committed to protecting horses throughout their whole life.